Employment Opportunities


Job Referral Organizations: KBON looks for organizations that regularly distribute information about employment opportunities to job applicants or which refers job applicants to refer. Interested parties should send a written request to our station addressed to: General Positions Wanted; KBON Radio; 109 S. 2ND St.; Eunice, La 70535; or, General Positions Wanted in subject line; Paula@kbon.com

KBON is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Opportunities: The station is not currently seeking to fill any full-time jobs. Resumes for file can always be mailed to the station at the above address; resumes will be held for six months.


KBON is a strong supporter of equal employment opportunities; we are especially attuned to the moral and ethical implications of fairness and honesty in hiring. The station widely disseminates information concerning full-time job vacancies through a variety of means designed to achieve broad and inclusive outreach in the community but not limited to the following:

Job openings are announced over the air, as well as over the world wide web, and are rebroadcasts many times through the period of accepting applications, also they are posted on our website. These broadcasts reach a wide and diverse audience, with documented listener ship in almost every State of the Union.

KBON maintains a database of recruitment sources. If you would like to be included in our database please send a written request to our station addressed to: recruitment database; KBON Radio; 109 S. 2ND St.; Eunice, La 70535; or, Recruitment database in subject line; Paula@kbon.comThis database is updated as the employment unit learns of new recruitment opportunities. Notices concerning job openings are sent to these recruitment sources.

KBON regularly participates in community employment-related activities.