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Tiffany Thibodeaux- Receptionist & Traffic

PAUL MARX ON THE AIR Paul Marx – Owner and Founder of KBONPaul Marx, born July 4th. 1947 in Crowley Louisiana, has been married to Rose Ann (LeBouef) of Kaplan, Louisiana have been married since January 21, 1969. Paul and his wife “Russell”, as she is known by her friends, make their home in Eunice. READ PAUL’S FULL BIO HERE
Paula Marx – KBON Business ManagerPaula is the youngest daughter of Paul & Rose “Russell” Marx
Bill Bailey – Station Engineer & Computer Technician
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Todd Ortego – Sales Executive and On-Air PersonalityTodd Ortego, has been involved in music since he could hear. He does and has done just about everything but actually play an instrument (not counting the scrubboard).Raised in Ville Platte with a radio in hand, Todd started getting in the way of the employees at Floyd’s Record Shop at a very young age. Looking through the free promotional 45s was a favorite past time for Todd when he visited Floyd’s. Starting at 14 and all through high school, Todd started working all holidays and Saturdays at Floyd’s. Todd’s brother in law/godfather, Floyd Soileau is a great inspiration then and today to Todd. At the age of 19, Todd, while working as an sales person in the wholesale department at Floyd’s, bought an existing record shop in Eunice named Music Machine. About 5 years later, after finding out they were expecting twins, Todd decided to start a disc jockey business (which he still does today). Several years later, Tom Voiche Jr., owner of KJJB radio offered Todd the opportunity to host a radio show, playing whatever he wished. With a love for early rock’n’roll, Swamp Pop, Cajun and Zydeco, Todd started the weekly Swamp-n-Roll Show on KJJB FM. Joe “Dr. Feelgood’ Burge joined in about 2 weeks later, that was over 20 years ago. Eventually (about 5 years ago) that led to Paul Marx offering Todd to bring the Swamp-n-Roll Show to KBON, now airing every Thursday from 6 to 10pm. Todd’s full time job is as a sales executive at KBON and you’ll hear him on many commercials (especially the night clubs, for some reason).Todd and Dr. Feelgood also host the Swamp-n-Roll TV show on KDCG TV which features the very same bands performing live, that KBON plays everyday.A wife of 30 years (Debbie), four kids, 2 grandkids and now wearing eye glasses finds Todd always with KBON on or a Cajun/Zydeco cd playing or dancing to his favorite bands (of which there are many). Oh yeah, you can kinda hear Todd’ scrubboard playing on the T’Sale cd entitled “Une Autre ‘Tit Bout”.
05-20-24 VARIOUS 031 Gumbo Phil Daigle – On-air Personality.Phil has been with KBON since the first day on the air, May 29th, 1997
Sterling Burleigh – On-air PersonalityI, Sterling “Tee Kajan” Burleigh, was born September 10, 1965 in Ville Platte, Louisiana. I have been married to Diana Mae (Matherne) since June 14, 1985. We make our home in Belair Cove, which is located just outside of Ville Platte.
Diana and I have two children. Kristi Lynn, born on April 10, 1991 and John Robert, born on February 4, 1994.
I am employed by “Cameron” located in Ville Platte. I work in the Accounting department and have been doing so since April of 1988.
I have always enjoyed and appreciated our Louisiana music, especially the Cajun artists. Just ask my mom! I became interested and got involved in radio with the help of two dear friends, who are now deceased. They would be Houston (Let the Meatball Roll, Sha) and Carolyn Lejeune. They got me started with the local Eunice radio station back in 1991. I worked there until mid 1998. I then “retired”!
Well, that didn’t last too long, thanks to Mr. Paul Marx. He asked me to join the staff at KBON, so I told him I’d give it a shot. That was in January, 2000. Been having a Bon Temps ever since!
In our off time, our family loves to get out and go camping in our RV! Our favorite spot – well that would be our beautiful Chicot State Park!
Oh, in case you were wondering, the “Tee Kajan”, He would be “The Little Cajun”!! And, THANKS for tuning in to the program!
Photo Not Available Layton Thibodeaux – On-air Personality
05-20-24 VARIOUS 032 DEREK LANDRY- On-Air Personality and Advertising Sales.Derek was selected by Paul Marx to take over the weekday morning show, carrying on the responsibility of the very important work of continuing to promote our local area, music & culture.