NOTE: At least 85% of the overall music on KBON is music from LOUISIANA recording artists, most of which reside in Acadiana; CAJUN COUNTRY!.

MONDAY-FRIDAY: 4:am to 5:am… (Computer programmed)- Gospel/Inspirational Music Hour

MONDAY- FRIDAY: 5:am to 6:am (Computer programmed)- CAJUN FRENCH MUSIC

MONDAY- THURSDAY: 6:am to 11:am (live)- Variety music- PAUL MARX

IT’S “ALL LOUISIANA MUSIC” EVERY FRIDAY (live) :  DEREK LANDRY 6:am to 12:noon & PHIL DAIGLE 12:noon to 6:pm 

MONDAY- THURSDAY - 11:am to 6:pm  &  FRIDAY - 12:noon to 6:pm- (live)-“GUMBO” PHIL DAIGLE

MONDAY & TUESDAY- 6:pm to 10:pm- (Computer programmed)

WEDNESDAY: 6: to 10: pm (live)- “THE KBON HUMP-NIGHT SHOW” with LAYTON THIBODEAUX, featuring a big Variety of music for your Hump Night fun!

THURSDAY: 6: to 10: pm (live)… “THE SWAMP & ROLL SHOW” with TODD ORTEGO, featuring talk, great music, public service information and live guests.

FRIDAY: 6:pm to 12:midnight (live)  It’s a KBON FRIDAY NIGHT. Hosted by DWAYNE COOTS.  Fire up the BBQ Pit, Grill or break out the black pot & cook sumptin. Be sure you have a stocked ice chest! 

SATURDAY: 6:am to 7:am (Computer programmed)-Gospel/Inspirational Music Hour

SATURDAY: 7:am to 12:noon (live)… “CAJUN MUSIC PROGRAM” with STERLING “Tee-Cajun” BURLEIGH featuring the best of Cajun music with a little “Lagniappe”.

SATURDAY: 12 NOON to 6: PM (live) … “SATURDAY AFTERNOON LIVE” with your host SCOTTY MATTE. It’s the perfect music mix for a Saturday afternoon and a great time to cook something and enjoy friends & family!!

SATURDAY: 6:pm till… (live) -  It’s a Saturday Night “THROWDOWN”… Hosted by: DWAYNE COOTS.  The THROWDOWN is the biggest mix of music on KBON. You’ll even hear some songs on the “Throwdown” that you will never hear any other time on KBON. Be sure & have your ice chest stocked!

SUNDAY: 6:am to 7:am (computer programmed)- Gospel/Inspirational Music Hour

SUNDAY: 7:am to 12: noon (live)… “CAJUN SUNDAY MORNING” with DEREK LANDRY, featuring five hours of CAJUN MUSIC.

SUNDAY: 12: noon to 5:pm… SCOTTY MATTE doing a variety of music but of course, with our great Louisiana flavor.

SUNDAY: 5:pm to 8:pm (live)… “WEEKEND WRAP-UP” with CHRISTE DAILEY. Great music and often in-studio guests.