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Promoting Louisiana Music for over 40 years. Opened radio station KBON 101.1FM on May 1997 for the main purpose of being able to promote our local area, mussic & culture everyday, 24/7/365. The format "Variety with a Louisiana Flavor" was the first of it's kind in the world! Others have followed and tried to copy KBON, but KBON still and will always remain a One-Of-A-Kind radio station!!

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Hawaii residents remained the least likely in the U.S. to say they felt stressed on any given day in 2012, at 32.1%. West Virginia residents, on average, were the most likely to report feeling stress, at 47.1%. These state-level data are based on daily surveys conducted from January through December 2012 and […]

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Mmm! Taste of beer triggers good feelings in the brain

The taste of beer, without its alcoholic effects, may be enough to trigger  the release of the pleasure chemical dopamine in the brain, a study finds. To see how the taste of beer affects the brain,  researchers gave a group of men tiny tastes of beer, and as the men sipped the  beer, the researchers […]

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Other wife found on Facebook: ‘Friends’ on Facebook reveal bigamous relationship

In a bizarre story involving Facebook “friends,” a Washington man has been charged with bigamy after the social media site revealed he had married two woman. CBS News reported April 16 that 41-year-old Alan L. O’Neill, a Washington state corrections officer, married a woman in 2001, separated from her eight years later, then changed his […]

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Baggy pants made illegal in Louisiana Parish

TERREBONNE PARISH, LA. – If you’re a fan of saggy  pants,  avoid Terrebonne Parish, LA as the trend there is now  illegal. The Terrebonne Parish council recently voted to outlaw saggy pants, vowing to  fine anyone caught with their pants drooping below their waist. First time offenders will reportedly be fined $50, while a second […]

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Dennis Rodman Will Return to North Korea on August 1

Dennis Rodman, the pierced and pugnacious former Chicago Bulls star, says he’s excited to hang out with his new best friend Kim Jong-Un when he heads back to Pyongyang this summer. Wearing a white fedora on his head and a drag queen on his arm, the athlete told the press about his plans during a […]

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