Japan’s ‘Girlfriend Coat’ Can Hug You and Whisper in Your Ear

A team of Japanese engineering students has invented a ‘fulfillment coat’ that may be perfect for those lonely souls in search of girlfriends — like, for example, Japanese engineering students.

The team at the University of Tsukuba have developed what they call the Riajyuu coat, which hugs you just like a girlfriend does. According to Rocketnews 24, two robotic pincers controlled by a motor at the back of the garment simulate a girl’s cuddle from behind when you put the coat on. As you feel the squeeze, the headphone that comes with the coat whispers pre-recorded words such as “I am sorry, were you waiting?” and “ Watch your back!” into your ears.
Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/04/09/japans-girlfriend-coat-can-hug-you-and-whisper-in-your-ear/#ixzz2QAtoABm6

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