Man shot in head over double-parked car

Chicago, Illinois – A 30-year-old man was shot in the head Sunday morning after a confrontation over a car that was double-parked, police said.

According to a witness, the confrontation started when a car with two men inside tried to slide past the parked car on Maplewood Avenue. The eventual victim was on the sidewalk next to the parked car.

The parked car was partially blocking the street, the witness said, but there was enough room for the other car to get by.

According to the witness, a woman in the parked car exchanged words with the other car’s driver, and the man who eventually was shot told the two men, “Go ahead on now, we’re cool, we not on that.”

One of the two men got out of the vehicle, walked up close to the eventual victim, lifted a handgun and said “Talk that (expletive) now” before firing a single shot, the witness said.  Full Article

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