Neighbors shoot out each other’s windshields with bow and arrow, shotgun

MARSTONS MILLS, Massachusetts – A heated argument between neighbors early morning ended with one man shooting an arrow through the windows of a truck and the other man under arrest for blowing out the windshields of his neighbor’s car with a shotgun blast.

Dwayne Peters (picture), 31, of 37 Gooseberry Lane went to the home of his next door neighbor, Nathan Hess, 30, between 1:30 and 2 a.m., Barnstable police Detective Valerie Hemmila said.

Hess got his bow and shot an arrow through the window of Peters’ truck, which was in the driveway.

In retaliation, Peters went to his home and got a shotgun which he used to shoot out both the front and back windshields of Hess’ Volvo before returning to his home where he fired several more blasts into the air, Hemmila said.

As Barnstable police officers arrived, Peters charged the officers’ cruiser, throwing himself across the hood of the car, police said.  Full Article

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