Other wife found on Facebook: ‘Friends’ on Facebook reveal bigamous relationship

In a bizarre story involving Facebook “friends,” a Washington man has been charged with bigamy after the social media site revealed he had married two woman.

CBS News reported April 16 that 41-year-old Alan L. O’Neill, a Washington state corrections officer, married a woman in 2001, separated from her eight years later, then changed his name and remarried another woman.

The two wives revealed O’Neill’s deception when they looked into the fact they had both shown up as “friends” of their husband’s Facebook profile.

“Wife No. 1 went to wife No. 2’s page and saw a picture of her and her husband with a wedding cake,” Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist told the Associated Press today.

O’Neill’s first wife then called and confronted the mother of wife No. 2.

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