PETA Sends Teen Antagonizing Emails, Scandalous Photos for Auctioning Cow

When 14-year-old Logan Ward came up with the idea to raffle off a cow in order to raise money to go with a non-profit group on a trip to Europe, he never expected it would mean he’d be receiving antagonizing emails from PETA.  But that’s exactly what happened. The animal rights group not only sent Logan nasty messages, but also photos like the one shown here, depicting women wearing lettuce as underwear.


The original email, from PETA’s Whitney Calk, read in part:

“It just seems a little strange to me that you feel that someone needs to die for you to go on your school trip… I feel like we can both surely agree that there are several other humane ways to fund raise these days that don’t involve a dead, chopped up corpse.”

Logan and his dad, Scott, appeared on Fox and Friends this morning to speak out on the experience. Scott, who has six children, says he didn’t have the money to fully fund Logan’s wish to go on the European trip. Hence, they decided to auction what they could – a cow.


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