Bill O’Reilly: Stupid government spending

By Bill O’Reilly

As you may know, President Obama does not want to cut one government program.  Not one. And that irresponsible position has brought scorn from me.

Here are the facts. Right now the federal government is spending close to $10  billion a day. This year it will spend $3.6 trillion. The government is expected  to take in $2.7 trillion in taxes.

So let’s do the math here. $2.7 trillion leaving a deficit this year alone of  $900 billion which will then be added to the nearly $17 trillion debt. The  Democratic Party doesn’t seem to care and liberal Americans are putting all of  us in danger by their inflexibility on the spending issue.

Republican Senator Tom Coburn estimates that the fed could save almost $300  billion a year simply by cutting out waste in duplicate programs.

Now let’s get very specific for you doubters out there, very specific. Please  consider these facts. Am I being nice? The National Institutes of Health  recently awarded $1.5 million to a Boston hospital to study why many lesbians  are overweight and most gay men are not. The feds calling this a significant  public health issue.

Are you kidding me? Why am I paying for that? Let the overweight lesbians go  to Weight Watchers if they want to, like everybody else.

Here is another one. NASA will spend close to $1 million researching a quote,  “Mars Menu”; recipes for food that could someday be served on the planet Mars.  Here is a bulletin. Whoever allotted that money is already living on Mars.  That’s insane. I don’t want to pay for it. The feds are stealing my tax  dollars.

Another one, sure! The United States agency for National Development funding  a four year project that will improve the economic competitiveness of Morocco.  Morocco the country in North Africa. Key part of this project, training  Moroccans to design pottery. The cost to we the American people $27 million.

Why can’t the Moroccan government teach their own people to design pottery?  I’ll tell you why. Because we’ll send them $27 million, that’s why. And very  little pottery will be designed. The money will likely be stolen.

One more? Sure. I have dozens. The National Science Foundation has allocated  more than a half million dollars to create a video game called “Prom Week.” This  game will give players a chance to relive their high school prom. Why is a  National Science Foundation doing this? Quote, “Because it will give Americans a  new and powerful mode of personal expression.”

Here’s my personal expression — this is madness. This is why the federal  government under President Obama is totally out of control. Yet the president  doesn’t want to cut any federal programs. Shameful.

And that’s “The Memo.”

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