As many of you know May 29th, 2013 marked the 16th anniversary of KBON being on the air. On May 29th, 1997, our first official day of broadcasting, there were many skeptics about the success of such a “weird” music format. The fact that no one in the radIo industry had ever mixed different genres of music as an on-air music format, the opinion and the bet from broadcasting “specialists” was that there was “no way such a music format could be successful”.

All those “experts” knew full well, “you just can’t mix different kinds of music together like that on radio”! Hey, after all it had never been done before, so it was certain that “if it was a good idea someone would have done it by now.” Then of course the fact that the music format that KBON was introducing to the world not only included different genres of music, but it also included LOCAL music, especially CAJUN music as part of the everyday music format was “a for-sure formula for failure”.


Well, I am proud to say, all those “experts” and naysayers were wrong. So wrong in fact that some who laughed at us & ridiculed us are now playing the variety music idea that I and KBON gave life to 16 years ago, and yes, they even include some local music. I of all people know that the more radio stations playing our local music, the better. However I just cannot help but be heartbroken when a station is doing it only because they have found it to be “good business”, instead of because they really care.

Some people may feel that I am a bit “over zealous” when it comes to our local music and local artists, but having dedicated over 40 years of my life to such gives me the right to be, and gives me the right to be offended when someone uses our musicians strictly to benefit themselves.

On behalf of myself, my wife & family as well as all of the KBON employees and their families, I say THANK YOU for the wonderful blessing you have bestowed upon us, our music & our culture. I have no doubt in my mind that our ancestors who so proudly spoke our Cajun language, sang our Cajun songs and lived our Cajun culture, are smiling down on our accomplishment of having CAJUN music loud & proud on the radio, no longer just on weekends, but since May 29th, 1997  continuing as long as there is a “Louisiana Proud” KBON 101.1FM radio station, EVERYDAY, 4/7/365!!

Let Us Before We Die, Gather Up Our Heritage & Offer It To Our Children!!

Paul Marx

Owner/KBON 101.1FM


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