Ok folks, in my humble opinion, Facebook is quickly turning to crap and treating it’s members as infants.
I posted a NEWS ARTICLE (authentic news article) about the popular sport (in some foreign country) of “nude sledding”. It was posted under our KBON heading, “Wacky News”. There was a picture included in the news article, but it showed NOTHING lewd or obscene.  However, I guess someone complained to FB about it. Anyway, I am blocked (put in time out) from posting on FB for 7 days.
It was a story that should have made people laugh or at least smile. IT WAS FUNNY!!! OMG where did “sense of humor” go to these days? Has it disappeared along with “common sense”??? My opinion is, if anyone is that easily offended, they have no business having a FB account, and if they choose to have one, should not friend anyone, but if they do, should NOT tell anyone what to post of their FB page.
Nonetheless, for those who may be interested, please know that you can check out our home page (kbon.com) regularly for posts of interest, humor, non-sense, stupidly, etc…. including music videos and more.
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