My Favorite Accomplishment

By: Paul Marx

Owner of “Louisiana Proud” KBON 101.1FM

I started this radio station, KBON 101.1FM,  because I believed that there needed to be a change in local broadcasting. I was fed up with our local music & musicians being ignored, except for an hour or two early in the morning or a few hours on weekends. It was as though our local music & artists were “not good enough” to be on the “regular” daily music rotation.

If there is one of my KBON accomplishments that I am most proud of, it’s the fact that now, because of doing such a variety mix of music and not separating the music as it had been for way too many years, all the music is EQUAL on KBON; our local musicians get the same spotlight as the national artists!

When it comes to my selection of songs to have on the KBON 101.1FM daily rotation I have learned that there is no way I will ever be able to please everyone. From a musical standpoint, I try to be fair to all the music I receive for possible air play, while at the same time trying to be fair to our overall listening audience. Not everything I get in will be played, but I assure you, more will make it on the KBON playlist than on any other radio station!!

Of course a person can be “LOUISIANA PROUD” and still enjoy music other than Louisiana artists, but it’s important to a “Louisiana Proud” person to always be able to hear it when they want to hear it, and that my friends, is where KBON 101.1FM comes in. Our music is about 85% Louisiana artists, 24/7/365! Now DAT’S “Louisiana Proud” baby!!! Ayieeeeeeeeeee, where the ice chest babe???

Thanks for being a fan and a friend!

Paul Marx

Owner/ Program Director

KBON 101.1FM

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