Paul Marx Crowned KING of Basile Swine Festival

KBON NEWS BY: Phil Daigle (News Director)

Congratulations to Paul Marx, owner of “Louisiana Proud” KBON 101.1 on being crowned “KING of the Basile Swine Festival” this past Saturday Oct. 30th.  Paul expressed his appreciation and pride for the honor, and invites everyone to the grand parade next Sunday. Of course Paul will be riding on the King’s Throne.

Paul began his radio career in the mid 70’s, with a five hour weekly Saturday program featuring Louisiana recording artist, specializing more in our “local” musicians.

Paul has received many other honors in the past few years for his contribution to the promotion and preservation of Louisiana music & culture. Some of the honors given him are…

* In 1996 Paul Marx was inducted into The Louisiana Hall of Fame for his efforts in years of dedication to the promotion and preservation of Louisiana music.

* October 1998 The CFMA (Cajun French Music Association) honored Paul Marx with a prestigious award for his contribution in preserving the Cajun language, music & culture.

* October 1999 The Louisiana Blues Hall Of Fame recognized Paul “for his extraordinary work in the preservation of Louisiana Music & heritage”. April 17, 2000 Paul Marx was presented the “CITIZEN OF THE YEAR” award by The Eunice Harmony Lodge.

* October 1998, Paul was crowned the Ville Platte Cotton Festival King.

* May  2000 The Louisiana Music Commission issued Paul Marx & KBON its highest honor of “MUSIC DECREE” for efforts in promoting Louisiana music.

* September 2000 Louisiana Governor M. J. “Mike” Foster, Jr. and the state of Louisiana honored Paul with the “LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” for his contribution to the preservation of Louisiana music.

*Jan 2002, Paul was inducted into the historical Erath Acadian Museum as a “Living Legend”.

* Paul received the 2006 Louisiana Association of Broadcasters award recipient for “35 years of Distinguished Service in Broadcasting” (all those years promoting Louisiana musicians) and “The Golden Mike Award” (The highest honor paid to a broadcaster) for his dedication to promoting the state of Louisiana.

* November 2006, Paul was inducted into the Lake Charles chapter of the C.F.M.A. “Hall of Fame”

* Paul was honored in 2009 as the Grand Marshall of the Gueydan Duck Festival.

* October 2010, Paul was crowned the Basile Swine Festival King.

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