The Featured Album Series for March 8, 2012

Join “LOUISIANA PROUD” KBON 101.1FM this Thursday, March 8th from 6AM till 5PM for the Featured Album Series. This Thursday we’re doing something a lil bit different this week. Instead of featuring a CD, we’ll be featuring the music of Jamey Bearb. He’s part of the musical talent that’ll be on board this years KBON Cruise.

Jamey is a member of High Performance and has recorded over the years with artists like Kristi Guillory, Jay Cormier and Jimmy Breaux, just to name a few. This Thursday KBON will spin a Jamey Bearb song every hour between 6AM and 5PM, so tune in. I know there are alot of Jamey Bearb fans out there, so check it out.

The Featured Album Series is brought to you by Chez Francois Seafood located next to the railroad tracks on the NE Evangeline Thruway in Lafayette. Chez Francois has fresh oysters by the sack, live or boiled crawfish. Call 234-8001 to place your order and use their convenient drive thru. When you think Seafood! Think Chez Francois Seafood!!!

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