There are many of us who are in a constant battle with our weight. For some reason doctors seem to feel the solution to deal with this problem is “hunger control”, but I can tell you, they are WRONG! No, I’m no doctor, but I am a person who deals with this problem constantly. 

As a person who is in a constant battle with weight, I can tell you, our biggest enemies are our sense of smell & sense of taste! It’s a fact that most people, like myself, eat to satisfy taste buds, not necessarily to fill stomach. Let me explain, and I’m sure you will agree… 

The sense of smell allows the brain to remind us of the taste, or if we’ve never tasted it before, gives s a good idea of what it will taste like, good or bad. The problem of course is when it is GOOD!!  lol rib eye 

Here is an example of “smell” interfering with our attempt of avoiding food… You’re driving, not even thinking of food, and you are stopped at a red light, next to a Burger King. Well, the smell of burgers on the open fire grill fills your sense of smell and suddenly, you’re “hungry”.

Another example: you have just completed a huge meal (Let’s say a big Thanksgiving dinner). You are so full. You just can’t swallow another bit! You are stuffed to the point you have to loosen your waist belt, wishing you had worn a Moo-Moo! Wait! “What is that smell? What is that they are putting on the table? OMG its homemade freshly baked hot Cherry Pie!! Mmmmmmmmmm it smells so good, but I’ll have to pass. If I try to swallow one more bite of anything, I’m going to explode!” Well, guess what… there is a 99% chance that you WILL end up having at least one slice. Yep, no matter how stuffed you are, you’ll find the room, NOT because you are hungry, but because your sense of smell is telling you how delicious that pie is and your taste buds are craving for that pie. NOT your stomach… YOUR TASTE BUDS!!!

 Yet, another example: You just had a nice filling meal. The grandkids come over for the night and they want pizza. You take them to get pizza. You put that fresh hot pizza in the car for that 15 minute drive back home. Well, chances are, even though NOT hungry your taste buds are calling for some of that pizza, and by the time you get home you can’t help but have at least one slice!

I have said for many years now, “diet pills” (speed) may curb your appetite to some degree (as for me, they only make me eat faster), but until they come up with a way to numb of sense of smell & taste, eating “health” and “weight control” will be a lifelong battle.

 (05/30/13… By Paul Marx)

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