The KBON 101.1 Staff
Paul Marx - Owner and Founder of KBON

Paul Marx, born July 4th. 1947 in Crowley Louisiana, has been married to Rose Ann (LeBouef) of Kaplan, Louisiana have been married since January 21, 1969. Paul and his wife "Russell", as she is known by her friends, make their home in Eunice. READ PAUL'S FULL BIO HERE

Paula Marx Guidry - KBON Business Manager



Rachael Thibodeaux Bieber - Traffic

Born June 4, 1975 in Abbeville, LA. I was raised in Lyons Point, a small community between Crowley and Kaplan. 

I grew up listening to Cajun music. My dad was a huge fan of it. He bought me an accordion when I was 5 years old. He taught me how to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” That was the only song I wanted to learn back then. I would love to learn how to play more, one day! My parents taught me, at a very young age, how to Cajun dance. I absolutely love it! If anyone sees me anywhere that there is Cajun music, they will more than likely see me either dancing or tapping my foot! 

My husband, Courtney and I were married in 1997. We have 2 beautiful daughters, Courtlyn Paige and Abby Grace. We enjoy camping, listening to music and being around family and friends. We recently moved to Vidrine from Mamou, where we lived for 9 years. 

I am very happy to be a part of the KBON family!

Bill Bailey - Station Engineer & Computer Technician



Todd Ortego - Sales Executive and On-Air Personality

Todd Ortego, has been involved in music since he could hear. He does and has done just about everything but actually play an instrument (not counting the scrubboard).

Raised in Ville Platte with a radio in hand, Todd started getting in the way of the employees at Floyd’s Record Shop at a very young age. Looking through the free promotional 45s was a favorite past time for Todd when he visited Floyd’s. Starting at 14 and all through high school, Todd started working all holidays and Saturdays at Floyd’s. Todd’s brother in law/godfather, Floyd Soileau is a great inspiration then and today to Todd. At the age of 19, Todd, while working as an sales person in the wholesale department at Floyd’s, bought an existing record shop in Eunice named Music Machine. About 5 years later, after finding out they were expecting twins, Todd decided to start a disc jockey business (which he still does today). Several years later, Tom Voiche Jr., owner of KJJB radio offered Todd the opportunity to host a radio show, playing whatever he wished. With a love for early rock’n’roll, Swamp Pop, Cajun and Zydeco, Todd started the weekly Swamp-n-Roll Show on KJJB FM. Joe “Dr. Feelgood’ Burge joined in about 2 weeks later, that was over 20 years ago. Eventually (about 5 years ago) that led to Paul Marx offering Todd to bring the Swamp-n-Roll Show to KBON, now airing every Thursday from 6 to 10pm. Todd’s full time job is as a sales executive at KBON and you’ll hear him on many commercials (especially the night clubs, for some reason).

Todd and Dr. Feelgood also host the Swamp-n-Roll TV show on KDCG TV which features the very same bands performing live, that KBON plays everyday.

A wife of 30 years (Debbie), four kids, 2 grandkids and now wearing eye glasses finds Todd always with KBON on or a Cajun/Zydeco cd playing or dancing to his favorite bands (of which there are many).       

Oh yeah, you can kinda hear Todd’ scrubboard playing on the T’Sale cd entitled “Une Autre ‘Tit Bout”.



Debbie Moran - Sales Executive

I was born in Southern Illinois November 16, 1966, but was raised all over Louisiana since I was six. I graduate from Comeaux High School in 1984, where I then moved to live with my Daddy in Dallas for a few years. I moved to Kansas City, Missouri for six years and had a blast modeling for a few swimsuit calendars (oh, those were the days before gravity began taking over!) 

I got REALLY homesick for my family (and Louisiana of course!), so I came back in 1992, where I continued to model part-time for a local agency. I worked selling pipeline products for a local manufacturer for almost twelve years, then had enough! Stumbled across the ad for sales executive for KBON 101.1 FM, and thought I would give it a shot - I’m so glad I did because absolutely LOVE IT and the KBON staff!! I also love all of our wonderful clients and listeners! 

My wonderful husband, Troy, and I spend all of our free time out at our beautiful home in Port Barre working outside and enjoying our Coors Light! Troy is the one who got me hooked on listening to KBON and Swamp Pop music! I have a beautiful 24 year old daughter, Jen, who is a school teacher in Birmingham, Alabama, and a beautiful 11 year old stepdaughter, Michelle, who loves KBON, but also HAS to have her hip-hop!! My other two children, Buddy and Shelby, are my beautiful Catahoula’s, and they are something else! 

Thank you SO much for listening to LOUISIANA PROUD KBON 101.1 FM! 


Gumbo Phil Daigle - On-air Personality



Sterling Burleigh - On-air Personality

I, Sterling “Tee Kajan” Burleigh, was born September 10, 1965 in Ville Platte, Louisiana. I have been married to Diana Mae (Matherne) since June 14, 1985. We make our home in Belair Cove, which is located just outside of Ville Platte.
Diana and I have two children. Kristi Lynn, born on April 10, 1991 and John Robert, born on February 4, 1994.
I am employed by “Cameron” located in Ville Platte. I work in the Accounting department and have been doing so since April of 1988.
I have always enjoyed and appreciated our Louisiana music, especially the Cajun artists. Just ask my mom! I became interested and got involved in radio with the help of two dear friends, who are now deceased. They would be Houston (Let the Meatball Roll, Sha) and Carolyn Lejeune. They got me started with the local Eunice radio station back in 1991. I worked there until mid 1998. I then “retired”!
Well, that didn’t last too long, thanks to Mr. Paul Marx. He asked me to join the staff at KBON, so I told him I’d give it a shot. That was in January, 2000. Been having a Bon Temps ever since!
In our off time, our family loves to get out and go camping in our RV! Our favorite spot – well that would be our beautiful Chicot State Park!
Oh, in case you were wondering, the “Tee Kajan”, He would be “The Little Cajun”!! And, THANKS for tuning in to the program!

R.I.P. January - 2010

Joe Burge - On-air Personality

Dr. Feelgood aka Joe Burge was born Feb 17 1955 in Basile, La. At a early age Doc was interested in music. Growing up in his parent's grocery store he got to meet and become friends with Nathan Abshire, Dewey Balfa, Robert Betrand, Canray Fontenot, Boc Sec Ardoin just to name a few. On his wedding day his father surprised him by hiring Nathan Abshire and The Balfa Bros to play at the reception. The band turn down their fee and provided their services as a wedding present. 

Married to Gloria LaCombe Burge for 35 yrs. Doc has lived in the Basile area all his life. He has two children, Tracy and Brian and two grandsons, Nick and Maison. After 15yrs in the oilfield and 10 yrs in grocey retail business, Doc now works as a slot tech at Coushatta Resort. For 21 yrs he's been Todd Otergo's partner in crime on The Swamp N Roll Radio Show which has been part of the Kbon family for the last five yrs. Doc and Todd also do The Swamp N Roll TV Show on Kdcg Ch 22 out of Opelousas. Both shows promote our music, culture and way of life. Since 1990 Doc been writing a column for The Basile Weekly called Bustin Loose. It covers everything from politicians to putting up with his brother in law, Kirby. 

Doc lives out in the country between Basile and Eunice on what he calls Feelgood Ranch. Miss Gloria claims he's still crazy after all this years.

Joe Burge passed away in January of 2010 but will always be remembered as a part of the KBON family. 


Photo Not Available

Layton Thibodeaux - On-air Personality

Fred Melancon - On-air Personality

Born Sept 28, 1946 in Lafayette, La. area. I was raised on Swamp Pop and 50's Rock and Roll. Started playing music around 1959 and continued til about 1971. I played bass guitar and vocals... Started off playing at Landry's on the Scott Hwy in 1960-1961.. Went to NP Moss, Northside Hi School and moved to Iowa, La. in 1962 and graduated at Iowa Hi School in 1964.

Married Sandra Melancon (high school sweetheart) in 1968 and we just celebrated our 41 anniversary in 2009.

Went into the military and serves our country for 4 years and did a one year tour in Vietnam Nam.... I continued to play music in the military and played in bands in Oklahoma City 1965-1966 playing sould music, Bien Woa Vietnam 1966-1967 with variety band, 1967-1968 Seattle, Washington where I played Hard Rock and Classic Rock, and finally 1968 to 1971 various bands playing everything including cajun... Last party I played was for the Sheriff of Lafayette in early 1971.

Went into the insurance buisness in 1971 and spent 28 years until I retired in 1999. Opened up a Reception hall, called Lafayette Hall in Aug. 1996 and ran that until I sold to my daughter and son-in-law. We started a cafe in the reception hall in Feb. 2004, and it continues today, opened week days and we do private parties and banquest on weekends and evenings.

After leaving the band scene I missed the music so much I went into mobile DJ business around 1982 to the present. Booking all type of parites from receptions, reunions, weddings, EmCee, Fund Raisers, or any private type. In 2000 I added Karaoke and I am for hire. Also set up some of the biggest Karaoke Host DJ's in town.

I spent a short time at a radio station in Crowley that had me do a specialty swamp pop show. That lasted a few months until the station manager decided he didn't swamp pop music... what a lost for them, but it was a gain for me. Paul called me up right after that and asked me to do a sunday show called "SWAMP POP TRAIN",,, well I jumped on it and the rest is history. 

Its nice to be part of a family that loves our Louisiana music and musicians. And I am Louisiana Proud to be a part of it.




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