KBON VIDEO… By: Paul Marx


Well, actually a TIP is all that is expected. Unfortunately, not everyone cars to tip. Some will go in, dance a few hours, drink and eat, making a really great FREE night out for them, since they weren’t courteous enough to drop a tip in the tip jar. No matter, Gilbert doesn’t say anything. His many years in life have taught him that there will always be some people take advantage of a good thing, and too often ruin it for others. “Its not about making money” says Gilbert. “I love seeing people enjoy Cajun music and because we get so many really good older Cajun people come to enjoy themselves, it makes up for the ones who come because they know they can take advantage of someone’s good will gesture. Most of the time, I break even, so I’m ok with that. I get to play music, watch fellow Cajuns have a good time. At age 71, what more could a man ask for”?

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